Working with Sheer Fabrics Handbook

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Sept 6, 2021 Note: This handbook is being discontinued on this site. It is now available on Etsy. Although you can still purchase here, we recommend you purchase it here on Etsy. Thank you.  


Delicate fabrics are challenging to sew.
But knowing proper techniques will make working with them a delight. 

There's nothing like a lighter-than-air dress. It's like floating on a summer breeze. The antique dresses that make us Ooh and Ahh are those made of sheer textiles. Whether you're dreaming of a Civil War sheer dress or Bustle Era picnic gown, clothing made from diaphanous fabrics inspire us.

But like all good things, sewing with sheers can be a challenge. So you search high & low for those techniques that will make your project go smoothly.

This handbook will be that guide BEFORE the breakdown happens.

You'll learn how to pre-treat your fabric including ironing & pressing and the proper way to cut your dress pieces from thin materials. You'll also discover tricks for easier sewing with fine materials, types of hems for 19th C. garments and working with your machine for smooth stitches.

Learn sheer fabric options for use in summer dresses, late Victorian shirtwaists, undersleeves, chemisettes and the wildly popular Edwardian & Titanic draped gowns.

Handbook covers:

  • The variety of modern sheer fabrics to look for and use
  • Pre-treating delicate fabrics (pg. 3)
  • Tips on cutting sheer textiles (and what to do if you have to rip out a seam) (pg. 6)
  • Tricks to producing fine seamsThe best techniques for hems of all widths (pg. 11)
  • Learn the secret method to preventing thin fabrics from being stuffed down into the needle plate (pg. 8)
  • Tips for making piping from sheer fabrics (pg. 13)

And much more!

Add this foundational guide to your sewing library now! Be confident as you handle these luxurious goods!


16 pages. Available as digital PDF download. 

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