Wearing History 1910s Camisole or Corset Cover Pattern

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Wearing History 1910s Camisole or Corset Cover Pattern 

Based on an original period pattern from the 1910s, it's equally lovely when worn for historical costume or worn as a modern casual top!

The front and back are cut loosely and the front retains a bit of the “drooped” front which was popular in the early 1900s. This camisole adjusts at the neckline by running ribbon through lace beading and tying it to your preference.

The waist is permanently fixed to an interior waist stay and then accented with lace beading. This camisole or corset cover can be made sleeveless or with short, gathered sleeves attached to a cuff. It can end at the waist, or be made with a peplum.

Sizing Included:

Bust: 32" to 48"
Waist: 22" to 38" 


Intermediate-level pattern based on original period source material. It has been restored and revised, however, it has the period original written sewing instructions which are very minimal and text only. It is also highly suggested you have a good grasp of pattern fitting and alteration as the fit is unchanged from the original period source material, and it may need to be adapted for modern bodies. 

The waist ratio is very different than current standards, but testers substituted larger waist pieces with no difficulty. If your waist exceeds the size chart, information is included on where to enlarge the waist and peplum pieces.


Please Note: This Pattern Does Not Include:

  • Illustrated step by step instructions. They are mostly text only.
  • Detailed information on basic technique. You should be familiar with basic construction or have a sewing book handy if you need help on how to hem, gather, and attach basic seams together.
  • Cutting charts. You will need to create your own cutting layout on your yardage.
  • Uniform seam allowance. Seam allowance retains the original period standards, so seam allowances vary from 3/8″ to 1.5″. This was to allow for later alterations at the most frequent alteration spots (such as side seams and shoulder seams).
  • Direction for embroidery or embellishment.

Complete your late Edwardian and 19-Teens ensembles with this historically-correct and beautiful corset cover! 

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