Wearing History #102 Edwardian Bust Improver Pattern

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Wearing History #102 Edwardian Bust Improver Pattern

This undergarment pattern is inspired by an original extant garment held in the Los Angeles Museum of Art (LACMA) museum collection, and is suitable for looks from 1900-1908. It helps achieve the S-Curve silhouette of the early Edwardian period. 

The improver is meant to be worn under your corset to help pad out the chest and achieve the "pouter pidgeon" look and can be used for most bust sizes.


This pattern includes two pattern sheets: one for a small chest and one for a medium to large chest. You may need to make adjustments for your preference and size. This look is very exaggerated compared to what we are used to today.

No illustrated instructions are included; however, you do receive basic written instructions. The bust improver is relatively simple to construct, so experienced stitchers should be able to put this together with little difficulty. No cutting chart or yardage is included.


Materials Required

To make this you will need a base fabric of medium weight cotton, bias binding to match, lace beading, ribbon of a size to fit through the lace beading, and a flat lace to be gathered, or a pre-gathered lace.  You will also need a stuffing fabric, such as fiber fill, or to be period correct, cotton batting (not flat quilting batting).


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