Victorian Undergarments Online Class

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Fall 2017: Our online classes have moved to a new platform that will make learning new sewing techniques, finishing projects, and communication with me as instructor SO much easier. Whoot!!

All previous and current students will have the opportunity to enroll on the new site without having to pay again for class access.

New site is available now and all classes are open for enrollment. Info has been sent to previous students from this registration site and to those on our newsletter list. If you are a previous student but did not receive an email with the new login info, please contact us.

A private Facebook group is available for all students. 

Are you new to historical costuming and don't know where to begin?

Perhaps you've been sewing period clothing for a few years but you've never sat down to make a set of undergarments (yeah... you know who you are!).

This 6-lesson online class is for YOU who want to get into historical costuming and not just dream of the past but dress in the fashion too. It's also for those of us who put undergarments last on the sewing list. Time to get 'em done!

Six self-paced lessons covering 4 undergarment projects (chemise, drawers, lobster tail bustle, and petticoat) taught in 6 1/2 hours of video tutorials, PDF handouts & homework assignments for each lesson. Get to class and start making that Victorian wardrobe of your dreams!


"Jennifer - I want to say that... I also have been sewing a long time and my new Victorian underwear looks better than anything I've ever made before. These lessons have un-done eons of self-taught bad habits and helped me become a much better seamstress in a very short time" ~Constance T.


This is an Beginning to Intermediate level class. You should know how to operate your sewing machine and understand basic sewing techniques such as seams, topstitching, gathering, and basic hand whipstitch. Alternate finishing processes will be touched on but for the most part we'll stick to the patterns.

The priority is for you to practice simple sewing methods while creating beautiful Victorian unmentionables. By practicing the basics your more advanced designs in dressmaking will become easier.

This class will focus on sewing specific undergarments suitable for Victorian dress, primarily 1870s to 1900. The objective is to build basic sewing skills and techniques. We'll explore various seams, trims, and good dressmaking habits to successfully complete a full set of undergarments.


  Exciting Lesson Plans Prepared for You:

Lesson 1: Discuss fabric selections, patterns, and taking measurements

Lesson 2: Sewing the chemise

Lesson 3: Sewing the drawers

Lesson 4: Making a lobster tail-style bustle support garment

Lesson 5: Sewing a tiered, late Victorian petticoat, part 1

Lesson 6: Finishing the late Victorian petticoat, part 2

  NOTE: A corset and other dress items are not covered in this class.



Valuable Skills & Techniques You'll Learn:

    • Fabrics to use for soft undergarments and sturdy petticoats
    • A variety of seam finishes
    • Pressing tips - when and how
    • Pleating and gathering tips
    • Special tools when working with hoop wire for bustles
    • Pleating by the Divide & Conquer method
    • Easy steps for even gathers
    • How to make tucks in a petticoat
    • Tips for fitting your skirt over your new bustle & petticoat

 "Thanks, Jennifer.... I have learned quite a bit and consider myself a more skilled historic dressmaker than I was a few months ago!" ~Terri A.

 "Your videos are wonderful!!! Keep up the great work. I have learned so much from your class - can't wait to take another one!!!" ~Maureen Larsen



Add the class patterns (sold separately) to your order to save time on getting started on your projects!



Be sure to download & print the handouts too for future projects!

Class begins when you're ready. All six lessons are available to you upon successful registration and do not expire. 

Online class includes all 6 sewing lessons with unlimited, 24/7 access and four fun sewing projects!  


ATTENTION: We have a new class platform for our students - yay! If you enroll for this class on this page, please note the following steps to access the class:  

Upon successful registration students will receive:

1) download link at checkout (and also an email from SkyPilot with the link) to download the first PDF of class. Instructions are given in this PDF with the link to our new class platform and how to login and enroll there. Students will have information on how to bypass the enrollment fee on the new site.

2) an email invitation to join the Facebook workshop group (sent from FB within 24 hours). PLEASE let us know the email you use for Facebook if it is different from the one you use to enroll in this course. You can jump right in with questions in the group. The fun begins right away!

I’ll see you in class!

Jennifer Rosbrugh, instructor

P.S. The class lessons are entirely online and self-paced with no specific day or time required to be online. You work at your own speed and schedule. Read the lessons and watch the videos when it’s most convenient for you. Pop into the Facebook group when you have questions or want to simply show off your hard work. All lessons remain available to you with no expiration.

No refunds. 

Attention EU students: our classes & workshops fall under the new 1/1/2015 digital VAT regulations. All online classes and workshops will have your EU country's VAT tax rate added at checkout. Class prices shown do not include VAT.


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