Truly Victorian TV551 1880s French Bonnet Pattern

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1880s French Bonnet Pattern


This is a pattern for a buckram hat/bonnet frame that is covered with fabric. It has a tapered crown in either regular or tall height. The crown can be either with a peak in the front, or turned up, in regular width or in wide width. It perches lightly on top of the head, slightly back, and is held in place with hat pins or bonnet sashes.

Made with millinery wire, the hat is very durable and holds a good shape. Directions provided are for one method of covering the frame. There are many ways to cover a hat frame, however. Feel free to experiment with fabrics and folds to get a really professional look.

  • Regular crown - suitable for 1875-1889
  • Tall crown - perfect for 1884-1889
One size fits all.
Yardage required:
Buckram: 1/2 yard
Fabric: 1/2 yard
Fabric under brim: 1/4 yard
Lining: 1/4 yard


Notions: Millinery wire, 2/3 yard trim for hat band, optional flowers, ribbons for trimming.
Tools: wire cutters, pliers.


Looking for more millinery instructions? This pattern is a selection in our 1880s Online Hat Class where each step is covered in an easy-to-follow method of building this hat frame, covering with fabrics and trimming. Add the class to your cart along with this hat pattern to get started on your millinery project today while waiting for your pattern to arrive in the mail.

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