Truly Victorian TV494 1894 Shirtwaists Pattern

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1894 Shirtwaists Pattern

If you're looking for a basic shirt garment to wear with your elegant Late Victorian walking skirts - this is it!

Easy to put together and looks wonderful in a myriad of cotton prints or solids. Once you have a fitted bodice you can explore other sleeve styles with straight or smaller puffs.

A shirtwaist is the original name for what we would call a blouse today. They are usually for summer wear, and are unlined and un-boned, and come in a vast array of styles. They can be made of any lightweight fabric.


Shirtwaists start to become popular in the early 1890s and become even more so throughout the next few decades, and are a staple for the working woman and the fashionable woman alike. It can be worn tucked into the skirt, or over the skirt, as desired.


For this shirtwaist, the center front is cut on the straight of grain, and is closed with buttons. The sleeve is the large Mutton Sleeve popular in 1893-94. The collar is a stand-and fall that looks particularly nice with a four-in-hand tie, similar to the men's ties of the period. The body portion is gathered to fit a waistband, with a peplum attached to the same waistband.  The peplum can be omitted, if desired, to create a Spencer Waist.


View A - plain front
View B - front yoke with gathers at the center portion of the yoke

For this pattern, please disregard any attempt at standard sizing.  Everyone is unique in body type and size, and we [Truly Victorian] have come up with a totally different way of managing patterns. Comprehensive directions are included on how to size and adjust this pattern for a good fit. All of the bodice seams are true to the era, and it is designed to fit snugly over a corset.

Check photos for sizing Information.

Yardage needed: 44" wide - 3 7/8 yards for all sizes
Suggested fabrics:  Lawn, batiste, muslin, silk, seersucker, or other light weight fabrics
Notions:   Six to eight 1/2" buttons for closure.  ½ yard netting (optional)

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