Truly Victorian TV109 1869 Hooped Bustle Pattern

$ 13.50

c.1869 Hooped Bustle  

This bustle is perfect for Early Bustle/1870s styles! Just what we've been needing to keep those full, fluffy skirts supported.
Add ruffles over the boning rows and you have your first petticoat layer attached.
The Hooped Bustle is perfect to support the transitional styles of 1869-1873. This
petticoat style bustle has four shorter wires that form a large bustle and six hoop wires around the entire skirt. 

The hem circumference is between 80″ and 104″, depending on size. And with
the top hoop starting at the mid/upper thigh, it will support overskirt aprons beautifully.
Panels inside the bustle lace together to allow for adjustment of the bustle size and shape. The waistband has a drawstring to allow for minor sizing fluctuations.

Sizes included: 

Waist: 20" to 46"
Hips: 30" to 56"

Yardage for Bustle:
45" wide: 4 3/4 yards
60" wide: 2 7/8 yards

Hoop Wire: 19 to 24 yards, which can be adjusted according to what strength of wires you use and if you want double strength at the bustle area
Bone Casing: 17 to 22 yards
Tie Strings: 5 to 5.5 yards (may use ribbon, tape, string, etc.)
Grommets: 12 two-piece sets

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