The Victorian Corset Sewing Workbook

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Sept 4, 2021 Note: This handbook is being discontinued on this site. It is now available on Etsy. Although you can still purchase here, we recommend you purchase it here on Etsy. Thank you.

Demystifying Corset Construction: How to make a corset with clear, easy instructions

Believe sewing a corset is hard? Scared to make one? Corsets aren't that difficult. You simply have to know which supplies to use and the order in which to use them. Apply them with simple seams and you can sew a corset!

In this detailed workbook, you'll learn about the fabrics and tools you'll need for corset making. Then we'll walk step-by-step on how to put your corset together. From cutting the coutil and inserting the busk, to grommets and adding laces to the back when you're done - we go over it all!


Workbook covers:

  • Corset fabrics to use and how to pre-treat them
  • Detailed list of supplies & tools needed and where to get them (chapter 2)
  • How to cut out a corset then flatline it with fashion fabric (so it's not only pretty but built correctly from the start) (pgs. 26-27)
  • Piecing the corset panels (pg. 30)
  • Setting in the busk (the correct and easy way) (chapter 7)
  • How to make boning channels (pgs. 41-42)
  • Tips for measuring bones (pg. 45)
  • Finishing the raw edges for a professional look (chapter 12)
  • How to set in grommets for a smooth & tight finish (pgs. 51-52)
  • Sewing Tips gleaned from years of corset making 
  • Dealing with corset storage and cleaning (chapter 16)
  • How to wear your corset so you can still eat, dance & not faint (chapter 17)
  • Other helpful tricks when sewing corsets

and much more!

You'll also get my recommended vendors & online suppliers for corset making materials, including patterns. It's all here!

In this hands-on workbook, I'll take you through each step of building a corset using the sandwich method (each layer made separately with bones in-between). With thorough instructions and full-color photos to make each step easy, you'll wonder why you waited so long to tackle sewing a corset!

The disclaimer: your first corset won't be perfect. They never come out perfect. Even the most talented seamstresses and tailors continue to push forward to make their next corset even better. Don't let perfectionism or lack of skill stop you. This workbook is only for those who are challenged in their historical sewing and want to push themselves to the next level of costuming. Will you give it a try?

(Note: The construction method shown in this workbook is different than what is presented in the DVD set and Online Class.) 


75 pages. Available in digital PDF download (link sent from SkyPilot).

Spiral-bound hardcopy handbook has been discontinued.

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