The Victorian Corset: Home Workshop DVD Series

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Our popular online class in a work-at-home set!

Includes full-size album with two (2) region-free DVDs and a packed, 60-page workbook complete with color photos and homework assignments. 

Need a corset for your lovely 19th century gowns? Want to "do it right" with a corset silhouette but have no clue how to make one? Or you know how to make corsets but feel like you're missing something? 

Then this is the class for you! It is for those truly serious about learning how to sew a Victorian corset suitable for under your Victorian costumes. The best part? You can now take advantage of our online class at home!



Through a self-paced 4-week series of lessons, we'll cover all the bases needed for a complete Victorian corset. Each lesson has a minimum of 3 video tutorials (and many lessons have 4 or 5) along with an accompanying workbook section with homework instructions.

Dawn Burke: "Great class, Jennifer! You broke everything down into very manageable steps. Even though the thought of making a corset was a bit intimidating, nothing was very difficult. Thanks!"


This is an intermediate level workshop class. You should understand basic sewing techniques & be comfortable with your machine. But don't worry! We'll teach you how to set in that busk and grommets if they are new to you.

Advanced processes such as fitting tips and methods will be covered, but for the most part we'll stick to the pattern & its sizing. 
The priority is for you to understand how you make a corset, including fitting tips, so you end up with a quality undergarment you can be proud of (and a finished pattern so you can make another one in a different color).


This workshop class will focus on the specific topic of making a general Victorian corset so we can saturate the knowledge and improve our skills. We'll explore the various parts of corset construction including fabric selections, setting in a busk, where & how to put in boning, binding and setting in grommets.

Reenactors, museum docents, and serious historical costumers will benefit most from this home workshop class. It is designed for those wanting to create a proper Victorian silhouette for under historically styled clothing and costumes. Please note that this workshop DVD class will NOT cover topics on extreme corset wearing or waist training.


Take a Look at the Exciting Lesson Plans - 3.5 Hours of Instruction:

DISC 1 - 

  • Welcome
  • Lesson 1: Discussing fabrics & special tools, taking measurements, and sewing the mockup
  • Lesson 2: Fitting the mockup and pattern alterations

DISC 2 - 

  • Lesson 3: Main corset construction including busk and boning channels
  • Lesson 4: Finishing with binding, setting in grommets and lacing the corset


Nowadays you'll find a variety of corset patterns on the market. Some are better than others and all have their flaws. However, the corset seen in the videos and discussed in the workbook, is the popular Truly Victorian 1880s corset pattern (sold separately here in the Shop). Don't be turned off by the "1880s" label though. It is a basic shape that will support most of your Victorian dresses from the 1850s through to 1900 (and even outside of these years).


Karen Helle - "Thank you so much Jennifer for all the time and effort you put into the presentation of your lessons. I think the best part is how accessible you are to us for questions and the encouragement and support we get from the facebook group is great. Plus I love being able to see everyone's projects, it's the next best thing to being all together!"

Kate Grace - "I took the Victorian corset class twice. Worth every penny."


Valuable Skills & Techniques You'll Learn:

  • Most reliable foundation and fashion fabrics for corsets
  • Fitting tips for molding the corset to your curves
  • Flatlining your corset with a fashion fabric
  • Measuring for the busk and boning sizes that fit your specific size
  • Setting in a front opening metal busk 
  • Best method for applying secure grommets
  • Binding sewing tips


Order your DVD set today and get your Victorian silhouette off to a grand start! 


Note: This particular workshop is available as an unlimited-access online class.

By having this DVD set at home you can also participate in the Workshop portion of class through our private Facebook group. A FB invite will be sent to you within 24 hours of purchase.

P.S. Although there is some overlap of basic information and finish techniques, the method of construction presented in this DVD class is different than shown in The Victorian Corset Sewing Workbook.

Save time and order the class pattern - Truly Victorian TV110 - with your DVD workshop! (Please note: pattern will arrive separately from the DVD package.)

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