The Delineator, May 1894 - digitized copy

$ 4.00

Sept 6, 2021 Note: This resource is being discontinued on this site. It is now available on Etsy. Although you can still purchase here, we recommend you purchase it here on Etsy. Thank you.

Have the complete, original issue at your fingertips!

Discover popular fashion for the everyday woman. Dozens of fashion pages & descriptions of dresses, bodices, skirts, sleeves, collars, bathing costumes, styles for misses, girls, toddlers & babies, and boys.

Don't forget the dainty lingerie, seasonal hats & millinery and gentlemen's neck ties and scarfs. Also in the issue are lifestyle articles, needlework patterns, recipes and over 30 pages of pattern offerings and period advertisements.

So much is packed into this primary source magazine! 

172 high-resolution scanned pages. Available in digital PDF format only (download link sent from SkyPilot).

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