Regency Fitting Tips & Tricks: 1800-1820

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Sept 3, 2021 Note: This handbook is being discontinued on this site. It is now available on Etsy. Although you can still purchase here, we recommend you purchase it here on Etsy. Thank you.

Looking Good in Regency Dress is Possible! 

Quit talking yourself out of pursuing this beautiful era because you think you won’t look good.

Do you feel that Regency clothing looks terrible on you? Afraid to make something for a Jane Austen event because you have a large rib cage or are well endowed on top? Feel that your curvy figure doesn't match the slim Greek aesthetic of the early 1800s?

Well, nonsense! You CAN look good in Regency styles with a little bit of work to make the garments fit your figure in a complimentary manner. With just a few pointers you can feel confident when wearing these ethereal fashions. Of course, it IS work and it won't be done quickly. But take it a step at a time and you'll be amazed at how flattering early 1800s start to look on you. It can really happen!


In this valuable handbook you'll get straight on your way to looking like you stepped out of the past.

Handbook covers:

  • Practical guidelines for fashions from c.1795 to 1820
  • Tips to enhance your sewing skills (pg. 4)
  • Day and evening bodice fitting techniques
  • The secret to a slim appearance in early 1800s clothing (pg. 3)
  • Avoiding the pregnant look (pg. 5)
  • Corset fitting & sewing tips for a proper Regency silhouette
  • How to fit fabric to the bust, shoulders and upper chest (the biggest area with fitting issues) (pg. 6)
  • How to cut sleeves to hide large upper arms (and minimize that banded-stuffed-sausage look) (pg. 10)
  • Working with sleeves for both day and evening bodices
  • How to avoid gaping necklines (pg. 9)
  • Dealing with extra fabric around the shoulder area
  • Keys to making the rib cage visually smaller (pg. 11)
  • Skirts of the period - how wide; where to gather; and trains (pg. 13)
  • Other general era-specific sewing information

and much more!

For intermediate Regency costumers.

There's no reason you can't fine tune your costumes to look your best. You deserve to be confident and present a proper historical silhouette… and feel great in your costume!

Enhance your sewing skills and develop personal fitting techniques with this valuable handbook!
17 pages.
Available as digital PDF file download. Hardcopy print version has been discontinued.

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