Regency Corset & Chemise Online Class

$ 97.00

Achieving the correct Regency silhouette!

Our next workshop class will be held Summer 2017. Registration opens about three weeks prior.  

You’ve dreamed about dancing with Mr. Darcy…. The local historical society is hosting a summer picnic…. The book club is delving into Jane Austen….

The time has come to DRESS in the time period you LOVE – the Regency Era! 

Whether you are new to the elegant period of the early 1800s or a long-time reveler, this online sewing class will feed your need to connect to the past through the clothing. It is designed specifically for you as a historical costumer. For those who want to build a wardrobe but need to begin with the all-important undergarments!

Next hosted session continues Summer 2017 with Lesson 2

Through 5 weekly lessons (the first one available upon successful registration), we’ll cover each step to making a basic Regency-era chemise and long-line, corded corset. Yes – we will go over every detail together! Lessons have 4 to 7 videos each along with an accompanying PDF handout. You get over 5 hours of video tutorials!


Accomplish the Smooth Regency Silhouette

This is an Intermediate to Advanced level sewing class. You should have some experience with sewing clothing – modern or historical – and be willing to advance your skill with advanced techniques including how to set in gussets, fitting a mockup to the figure, and binding long edges. We will follow the pattern closely but other options will be presented.

The priority is for you to understand corset construction techniques & create the basic undergarments to produce the sleek silhouette for this period of fashion. Because we all want to look fabulous in our Regency wear! Get the underwear finished then you’ll be ready to build a wardrobe of various designs.

Come to class and focus on the specific topic of making a historically-accurate pieced chemise and fitted corset with gussets to challenge your dressmaking & fitting skills. Together we’ll explore each area to look at when fitting this type of corset as well as the various sewing methods to make it come together easily. (Just be aware that sewing all the cording channels takes a lot of time!!)


“I'm really glad I took this [Regency Corset] class - Jennifer you made the project easy and manageable as usual! Can't wait to sign up for the Regency dress class." ~Diana Kocunik


Thrilling Lesson Plans Prepared for You:

Lesson 1: Discuss fabric selections, specific tools & notions, and taking detailed measurements
Lesson 2: Sew the chemise with gussets and flat felled seams
Lesson 3: Corset mockup & fitting; begin construction 
Lesson 4: Insert cording, set grommets/eyelets, sew seams 
Lesson 5: Finish corset with binding & flossing


“Thanks Jennifer for another great class. The time and effort you put into your videos makes doing complicated projects like this so much easier! And less scary!” ~Karen Helle 

“I never would have done it without you, Jen!! Your videos were so helpful, as were the handouts.” ~Jeri Bills 

Although you’ll find a variety of Regency undergarment patterns out there I wanted to use a tried and well-drafted pattern to make the project easy for you. I studied and debated for months on which pattern to use – trust me, it wasn’t an easy decision! I was really torn between a couple of them!

So… for this class we’ll be using the fantastic Laughing Moon #115 Regency & Romantic Era Corset pattern (sold separately here in the Shop.)

Sizes in pattern - Bust 30" to 62" with adjustments for cup measurements up to 16" larger than underbust measurement

Although, as with all our classes, you can choose to use another corset pattern. But be aware that the specific steps of each lesson will cover the class-specific Laughing Moon pattern. Although, I’ve found they translate well to other published patterns.  


Valuable Skills & Techniques You’ll Learn:

    • Fabrics to use for a Regency chemise and corset  
    • Tools used in corset making 
    • Inserting sleeve gussets 
    • Corset mockup tips 
    • Fitting tips for this slim corset style 
    • Dealing with large cup sizes
    • Inserting triangle gussets 
    • Cording a corset – the marking & inserting 
    • Binding a corset for finishing
    • Pattern sizing and adjustments
    • Finishing a corset with reinforcement flossing 

 “Thank *you* Jennifer for the most painless corset ever, and the best fitting. Sure there are now things I'd change...and being calm about that is also down to you. Huge, huge thanks.” ~Jane Tisell


Online Workshop Group

One of the most exciting features of any sewing class is interaction with others – that’s why we’ve created these workshops! Because they take place online and include students from all over the world, we have chosen to utilize a private Facebook group. This unique setting benefits everyone in the class by connecting us together in a conversational way.

Lessons will be emailed to students, but discussions will only occur in the Facebook group. Please take note if you do not or cannot access Facebook.

The online group gives you the benefit of sharing with others, being able to post photos of where you’re stuck, getting personal help from the instructor, and the natural encouragement & camaraderie that occur in sewing classes. We hope you’ll join us!


“Thank you so much, Jennifer, you are a wonderful teacher. I wasn't sure how the online format would work for sewing, and it was terrific.” ~Kathy Powell


Intermediate to Advanced Level Class

If you have sewing experience but are new to historical garments, you may find this class a comfortable challenge. We’ll be following the pattern closely, but you may feel a bit behind. 

If you are new to sewing, this is not the best class for you at this time. Perhaps starting with a basic Victorian chemise and drawers class would be better so you don’t become frustrated with techniques that are beyond your current skills.

If you are advanced in your sewing skills, you are welcome! Maybe you want to try a new time period. Or simply want the class as accountability so your corset gets done. We’re here to push you forward.

No matter your level, we all have methods we can share with each other. Bring yours along to the class for full participation. 

Next workshop class will take place starting Summer 2017. It will continue with Lesson 2 (the first lesson made available upon successful registration). Workshop Facebook group will run indefinitely.

All class lessons and PDF handouts will continue to be available to students on an unlimited-access basis after the Facebook group is closed.


Online Class & Workshop: $97.00 

Includes all 5 sewing lessons (released weekly during class time) followed with no-expiration & unlimited access, weekly access to instructor, connection with other Regency costumers, and two fun sewing projects!


Upon successful registration students will receive:

1) download link at checkout, and also an email from SkyPilot with the link, to download the first PDF of class to access the Welcome page that contains a list of supplies needed, how to order the pattern (if you didn’t do so when you registered) along with access to the complete first lesson, and

2) an email invitation to join the Facebook workshop group (sent from FB within 24 hours). You can jump right in with questions there. The fun begins right away!

Be part of this exciting program of online sewing lessons! I’ll see you in a class soon!

 Jennifer Rosbrugh, instructor

P.S. The class lessons are entirely online and self-paced with no specific day or time required to be online. You work at your own speed and schedule. Read the lessons and watch the videos when it’s most convenient for you. Then pop into the Facebook group when you have a question or need help. All lessons remain available to you after the workshop ends.

P.P.S. If you have access to this class from a previous workshop group or our annual sale, please email us on how to join our current Facebook group.

No refunds on workshop classes

Attention EU students: our classes & workshops fall under the new 1/1/2015 digital VAT regulations. All online classes and workshops will have your EU country's VAT tax rate added at checkout. Class prices shown do not include VAT.



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