Passionate About Petticoats Class

$ 25.00

August 2017: Coming soon! We are moving our online classes to a new platform that will make learning new sewing techniques, finishing projects, and communication with me as instructor SOOOO much easier. Whoot!!

But..... enrollment fees will be going up. Take advantage NOW before they do. All previous and current students will have the opportunity to enroll on the new site without having to pay again for class access. New site should be up and running by late August. Info will be sent to those on our newsletter list.

Access to this class will be open for year-round enrollment - no more waiting for hosted workshops! A private Facebook group is available for all students past and current.

With historical clothing it's all about the silhouette!

And petticoats are essential to getting "the look" right. 

Find oodles of information in this unique online class combined with a packed handbook all on petticoat topics and construction and a full two-hour video class on making a Victorian petticoat. 

Let's get the costume closet filled with more petticoats! :-) 

#1 - You'll get a handbook all on various topics of petticoats. This PDF ebook clocks in at 53 pages and is packed with lots of goodie information I'm excited to bring to you! 

Sections include:

  • Intro: Why We are so Passionate
  • Fabrics for Pretty Petticoats
  • Using Organdy for Petticoats
  • Petticoat Lengths & Widths 
  • Reducing Petticoat Layers so Your Waist Looks Small
  • Pin Tucks the Old Fashioned Way
  • Stop Wrestling with the Ruffles
  • Trained & Ruffled Petticoat with Corded Ruffles
  • 5 Questions About Corded Petticoats
  • Starching Petticoats
  • Resources: Petticoat Patterns

#2 - When you're ready... jump into the online class on Making a Victorian Petticoat which includes two hours of video tutorials divided over two parts. Each part has a lesson handout with even more detailed photo instructions and list of "homework" activities to get your petticoat done fast! 


"Jennifer - I want to say that... I also have been sewing a long time and my new Victorian underwear looks better than anything I've ever made before. These [Victorian Undergarments] lessons have un-done eons of self-taught bad habits and helped me become a much better seamstress in a very short time" ~Constance T.


The class portion - Make a Victorian Petticoat - is for Advanced Beginners or those at the Intermediate level in their sewing. You should know how to operate your sewing machine and understand basic sewing techniques such as seams, topstitching, gathering, and basic hand whipstitch. By practicing the basics you can tackle more advanced designs in dressmaking.

We'll be sewing a Victorian petticoat from the Truly Victorian pattern for ensembles for the years 1870 to 1900. Our objective is to build sewing skills and produce lovely petticoats for your historical costumes. 


     Sewing Tutorials to Make a Victorian Petticoat:

Part 1: Fabric selections, pattern alterations and cutting; sewing main seams, creating tucks and setting on the flounce

Part 2: Gathering the ruffle with ease and symmetry and finishing with the waistband and closure 


     "Thanks, Jennifer.... I have learned quite a bit and consider myself a more skilled historic dressmaker than I was a few months ago!" ~Terri A.

     "Your videos are wonderful!!! Keep up the great work. I have learned so much from your class - can't wait to take another one!!!" ~Maureen Larsen


    Add the class pattern (sold separately) to your cart to save time on getting started on your petticoat!

    Petticoat Pattern: Truly Victorian TV170 

    The handbook and access to class lessons are available to you right away upon successful purchase. Access to lesson pages does not expire.


    Online Class: $25.00  Includes 53 page PDF handbook about petticoats and two-part sewing class!  


    Upon successful registration students will receive TWO download links at checkout, and also an email from SkyPilot with the links. The links are to download the PDF handbook and the PDF for the workshop sewing portion of class with access to the class lesson pages. The fun begins right away!

    Happy Sewing pretty petticoats!

    Jennifer Rosbrugh, instructor

    P.S. The class lessons are entirely online and self-paced for you to work at your own speed and schedule. Read the lessons and watch the videos when it’s most convenient for you. All lessons remain available to you with no expiration.

    P.P.S. The handbook is all new whereas the Making a Victorian Petticoat class in two parts is taken from the Victorian Undergarments Class.

    No refunds. 

    Attention EU students: our classes & workshops fall under the new 1/1/2015 digital VAT regulations. All online classes and workshops will have your EU country's VAT tax rate added at checkout. Class prices shown do not include VAT.

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