Lobster Tail Bustle Online Class

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Fall 2017: Our online classes have moved to a new platform that will make learning new sewing techniques, finishing projects, and communication with me as instructor SO much easier. Whoot!!

All previous and current students will have the opportunity to enroll on the new site without having to pay again for class access.

New site is available now and all classes are open for enrollment. Info has been sent to previous students from this registration site and to those on our newsletter list. If you are a previous student but did not receive an email with the new login info, please contact us.

A private Facebook group is available for all students. 

Beginning undergarment class for building your Victorian Bustle Era silhouette! 

Make a lovely lobster tail style bustle with this unlimited access class - undergarment works for 1870s or 1880s dresses.

Want to sew a 1870s or 1880s dress but need the bustle undergarment first? Confused of where to start making a bustle? Then this is the class for you! 
Through a quick 2-lesson class we'll walk through each step to create a lobster tail style bustle support. Each lesson has 5 videos along with an accompanying PDF handout and homework assignments.

This is a beginner to intermediate level class. You should be familiar with basic sewing techniques including sewing darts, topstitching, grading seams, hemming, and a hand whipstitch. 
Detailed Lesson Plans:
  • Lesson 1: Discuss appropriate fabrics, cut & mark the pieces, sew hems & darts, and add wire channels
  • Lesson 2: Add a ruffle, sew side seams, and finish with the waistband and hoop wire
Many undergarments are the last thing we costumers think of, right? Why not start now and get yours done before you need it? The lobster tail bustle goes together quickly and does the job of keeping your skirts properly supported in the bustle silhouette.


Valuable Skills & Techniques You'll Learn:
  • What fabrics to use for a bustle undergarment
  • How to mark fabric for sewing & casing placement
  • Tips on sewing with the grain
  • How to apply bias tape within a curved area
  • How to pleat a ruffle
  • Tips to setting on a waistband
  • How to cut and tip hoop wire
If you have sewing experience but are new to historical garments, you will feel comfortable here. We'll be following the pattern closely so you should be able to follow the class just fine. If you are new to sewing, this is a perfect starting point to build your skills and develop strong techniques.

"Thank you very much for offering the bustle lobster tail class. Your videos were very helpful to me. I felt like I was sewing right along with you!" ~Susie-Marie Woods

Although a number of patterns are available for a lobster tail bustle undergarment, for this class we'll be using the Truly Victorian TV163 - 1887 Imperial Tournure (sold separately here in the Shop). It is a sturdy shape and the sizing is well-drafted. You can choose to make the regular size or the larger Imperial size. Both are included in the pattern!

Class begins when you're ready and is available to you upon successful registration Lessons do not expire. 

Be sure to download & print the handouts too for future reference!

Online Class Includes 2 full lessons with handouts, 10 video tutorials, and a fabulous sewing project!

Note: This class is also included in the Victorian Undergarments Online Class.


ATTENTION: We have a new class platform for our students - yay! If you enroll for this class on this page, please note the following steps to access the class:  

Upon successful registration students will receive:

1) download link at checkout (and also an email with the link) to download the first PDF of class. Instructions are given in this PDF with the link to our new class platform and how to login and enroll there. Students will have information on how to bypass the enrollment fee on the new site.

2) an email invitation to join the Facebook workshop group (sent from FB within 24 hours). PLEASE let us know the email you use for Facebook if it is different from the one you use to enroll in this course. You can jump right in with questions in the group. The fun begins right away! 

Thank you for the opportunity to sew with you!

 Jennifer Rosbrugh, instructor


Optional: Sign up for class and order the TV163 pattern at the same time to be shipped to you.
Get started on your bustle today so you're ready for the dress tomorrow!


P.S. The class lessons are entirely online and self-paced with no specific day or time required to be online. You work at your own speed and schedule. Read the lessons and watch the videos when it’s most convenient for you. Pop into the Facebook group when you have questions. 

P.P.S. As of November 2015 there is currently a shortage of hoop wire (double spring wire encased in plastic) due to a manufacturer closure. We recommend you use "hoop steel" in 10 mm width and 0.5 mm thick for hoop and bustle projects like this one. 

No refunds.

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