Laughing Moon #115 Ladies' Regency & Romantic Era Corset Pattern

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Ladies' Regency and Romantic Era Corset Pattern

Corded and Theatrical Versions, with Chemise, approximately 1805-1840


A fantastic addition to the very small Regency corset patterns available today! Full instructions and you can make a plain, corded, or partially-corded corset. This pattern gives you all the options!  


View A is a traditional lightly boned, corded corset with slashed and inserted gussets. The corset is lined and corded with cotton string. It is constructed with 5 major pieces, shoulder straps, and eight gussets. The corset is bound on top and bottom. Metal eyelets were invented in 1828 and can be used, or the eyelets can be hand worked.

View B is a theatrical version designed to give the same relative silhouette with a simpler construction. It has seven major  pieces, shoulder straps, and two gussets. Suggestions are given for boning.
Chemise: It is constructed of two major  pieces with shoulder straps, sleeves, and sleeve gussets. It has a drawstring neckline all the way around. 
View A:  Fabric and lining of white sateen is recommended. A light twill or medium broadcloth can be used.  
View B:  White sateen or a light twill, broadcloth can be used for lining. 
Chemise:  White cotton or linen broadcloth.
Additional instructions are included to make a shorter version with either busk front with back lacing or laced front opening.

Pattern comes printed on white bond paper with multi-color size lines in a 11.25" x 8.5" plastic pouch.

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