Historical Sewing Canvas Tote Bag

$ 20.00

Go shopping and carry your projects in style!

Our very own custom tote bag for our special customers who love 19th century sewing!

100% cotton canvas tote bag - So you can wash it when it gets dirty.

Ivory color with black bottom and handles - Stylish and neutral to coordinate with all your sewing projects.

18" wide x 15" high with 4" wide soft bottom area - You can carry several yards of fabric in this bag!

Straps are 22.5" long - Long enough to throw over your shoulder but short enough the bag doesn't drag on the ground.

All purpose bag has tons of uses:

  • Take to the fabric shop
  • One place to keep your current project supplies
  • Store fabric and trim remnants
  • Perfect for conferences to hold all the goodies you get
  • Somewhere to put your modern clothes when you're at a reenactment
  • A reusable bag for grocery or clothes shopping - save the plastic trees!
  • And many more!

This lovely bag will remind you of your love of historical sewing... and the many projects waiting on your to-do list. 

Note: Threads magazine not included. Shown for size purposes only. 

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