Fabric a la Romantic Regency Book

$ 15.00

Fabric a la Romantic Regency: A Glossary of Fabrics from Original Sources from 1795-1836

Compiled & Edited By Deb Salisbury

Needing fabric research on Regency and Romantic Era fashion? Curious about lace names of the period?

This thorough publication covers English fashion fabric terms, including French terms used, covering years 1795 to 1836 which includes Directoire, Empire, Regency and Romantic time periods.

This fun research book is a record of who wore what and when, from royalty to the poor. Includes contemporary opinions, technical information and definitions.

Also includes types of trims and years they appeared in texts.


Perfect resource for the costume library of fashion historians, English Country dance enthusiasts, re-enactors, scholars, writers, and those interested in learning more about fabrics in the early 19th century.

Book printed in paperback format with glossy cover. 357 pages. 8.5" x 11"

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