Civil War Fitting Tips & Tricks: 1860s Handbook

$ 12.00

Tips & Tricks to Help You Look Like You Stepped Out Of The 1860s!

Fine tune your sewing skills and make your costumes look like the clothing our ancestors wore!

The challenge when making fashions from another time is learning how to fit the fabrics to the body. Just because you have the pattern cut to your size doesn't mean it’ll fit. And very rarely does it. You have to fine tune it, fiddle with the seams so it lays correctly on your individual figure.

In this valuable handbook you can apply the techniques fast to be on your way to looking like you stepped out of the past.

Handbook covers:

  • Tips to enhance your sewing skills
  • Day and evening bodices fitting techniques (pg. 5)
  • Gaping necklines in ball gown bodices (pg. 7)
  • How far up a side seam should go under the arm
  • Where to end bust dart points (pg. 9)
  • How to create a narrow back & waist appearance 
  • Two ways to defeat the common problem of "gaposis"
  • Working with sleeves for both day and evening bodices
  • Fitting tips for the unusual dropped armhole seam (pg. 10)
  • Dealing with extra fabric around the shoulder area (pg. 11)
  • Skirts of the period - how to measure and cut for your height & hoopskirt size  (pg. 12)
  • Other general era-specific sewing information

and much more!

Pages full of helpful notes describe how to deal with the unusual dropped armhole seam, gaping necklines in ball gown bodices and the notorious “Gaposis.” Also covered is how to deal with extra fabric around the shoulder area and how to cut a perfect skirt length.
Enhance your sewing skills and develop personal fitting techniques with this valuable handbook!
15 pages. 
Available as digital PDF file download. 

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