Running this store has been a dream of mine since 2001, known then as Ye Olde Petticoat Shoppe. But it really started much earlier than that...

When I was about 3 years old I would pull a red wagon around my grandmother's house placing various items in it to then sell to others. Those others were (most often) my grandmother, my mom, and any of the lovely strangers and friends who walked in the door to visit us. As I got older I would switch back & forth between shop owner and buyer. (My shopping lists were quite long for all the gifts I wanted to buy for my friends and "children.")

You could say I loved it as I went on to sell my own homemade crafts at age 5, Girl Scout cookies at 7, greeting cards at 10, and my first after-college job in the merchandising department of a national department store. But funny enough, I really don't like shopping. Ha! It's all behind the scenes that I love.  :-)


Fast forward to today when I have earned a Bachelor in Entrepreneurship/Finance that provides a business foundation for marketing, bookkeeping and customer service, as well as going through the Fashion Design program at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles.

Together they merge beautifully with my love of historical fashion to provide the best service and products to those who dream of the past. 


Old Petticoat Shop Mission

We want to provide the best resources for your historical Frillies & Fancies! 

I believe a historical costume starts with the proper foundation - the undergarments. Building the accurate silhouette from the time period you want to represent is critical to creating a believable impression. We want to be your guide by providing sewing patterns, materials and classes that help you build that historical form - all the FRILLIES (e.g. chemise, drawers, petticoats, bustle) to produce the look you want.

We also believe accessories complete a believable impression - the FANCIES. To help you finish your period dress, we want to provide you with high-quality millinery classes and sewing patterns, and offer those finishing touches such as caps, collars and capes in pattern form and finished goods.  


Our Team

I've been in business online since February 2008 teaching modern & period sewing techniques and celebrated five years with my previous business at HistoricalSewing.com in October 2015. In January 2016, we became Old Petticoat Shop LLC.

Together with my husband, Jeff, we serve our clients from our home in the intermountain area of northern Utah. My assistant for online classes & admin support, Gina White, resides in Idaho where she whips up some amazing hats and costumes. 


We're Listening

We are all ears and would love to hear from you. Send us your ideas and sources for patterns and accessories you would like to see in the shop. If you know of independent pattern publishers (or are one yourself) please tell us - we love supporting small businesses! 

I blog occasionally over at HistoricalSewing.com and am present every day on Facebook. Come join the conversations & learning over there!

If you have any concerns, questions, want to pass on information that would help us help you, or just want to say an encouraging "hi", drop us an email at clientcare @ oldpetticoatshop. com (no spaces).

Find me (Jennifer Rosbrugh) around the web on Pinterest, on Twitter, and on Instagram. Looking forward to meeting & talking with you on those social platforms!


Much love,

Jennifer Rosbrugh