Truly Victorian TVE14 1911 Petticoat Pattern

$ 13.50

1911 Petticoat Pattern

Basic petticoat for Late Edwardian Era fashions of 1910 to 1915


This Late Edwardian petticoat has a slim shape for wear under early 19-Teens (1910-1915) skirts and is perfect under straight panel skirts of this period. It is specifically designed to be made out of eyelet fabric to give the fashionable and pretty flounce at the hem. 

There is an underlay panel that reaches full length, with a dust ruffle added at the bottom, giving you three layers at the hem. The closure is in the center back with a drawstring waistband. This petticoat can also be made of plain fabric as desired. 

Sizes included:
Waist: 20" to 46"
Hip: 30" to 56"

Yardage requirements:
Petticoat in eyelet:
45" wide: 4 3/8 yards

Petticoat in plain fabric:
45" wide: 4 5/8 yards

1-2 yards string for waistband drawstring
2 ¼ yards ribbon or lace trim to cover top edge of flounce 
Optional: 2½ yards ribbon or lace trim to cover top edge of dust ruffle


A believable Edwardian ensemble starts with a good silhouette - this is most critical in the care taken with the proper petticoat selection. Use this pattern to make up one or two good petticoats - one plain and one fancy, or both plain - and give your early 19-Teens skirts the shaping they need to make the right historical impression. 

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