Truly Victorian TV102 Chemise and Drawers Pattern

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Chemise and Drawers Pattern

The chemise is very simple and comfortable enough to wear under any garment. Taken from an original pattern of 1885 it fits well under off-the-shoulder evening wear as well as day wear. The neckline is low and wide, and fitted with a drawstring ribbon.

The drawers have a semi-fitted waistband with side button closures. A drawstring back allows for easy fitting. The crotch seam is left open and is finished with facings. The legs are finished with a band and ruffle, just below the knee.

Sizes Included:
Bust: 30" to 52"
Waist: 20" to 42"
Hip: 30" to 52"

Yardage Information:
Chemise: 3 5/8 yards
Drawers: 3 yards


Recommended fabrics: Muslin, broadcloth, flannel, linen, silk, or other natural fiber materials.


Drawers: two buttons, 11/2 yards drawstring

Chemise: 1 1/2 yards insertion lace, 2 yards ribbon

This pattern is used in the Victorian Undergarments Online Class. Find out more about the class here.

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