The Faux Fur Muff Sewing Workbook

$ 7.00

Sept 4, 2021 Note: This handbook is being discontinued on this site. It is now available on Etsy. Although you can still purchase here, we recommend you purchase it here on Etsy. Thank you.


Complete Your Winter Ensemble with a Faux Fur Muff! 

Dress up your historical clothing for your cold-weather events! Be fashionable as well as warm.

Looking for a perfect accessory for yourself or a gift? Need a place to hold your modern amenities? 

Quickly sew up a faux fur muff! Popular throughout the 19th Century (and really centuries before and after), muffs are an elegant complement to your Regency, Victorian or Edwardian costume. 

Through 7 easy sewing points we'll walk together step-by-step to complete the project. Each point is described and shown in full color photos. Make them up quick as last minute gifts for your time-traveling friends. With so many faux furs available, make sure to sew a unique one for yourself!

In this workbook you'll get started right away on this popular historical accessory!

Workbook covers:

  • Examples of muff sizes throughout the 19th century
  • Tips on preparing the faux fur for sewing (pg. 5)
  • Adding a wrist strap
  • How to add batting for extra warmth
  • Putting in a hidden pocket to hold your modern articles like keys & money (pg. 10)
  • Tip on how to make your seamline invisible from the outside (pg. 8)

Don't be left out in the cold! Get started on your muff today!


13 pages. Available in digital PDF download format. 


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