Mantua Maker 1877-1882 Princess Petticoat Pattern

$ 14.00

1877-1882 Princess Petticoat Pattern #1880-10

Corset cover and petticoat combined for under Natural Form Era gowns. 

This lovely undergarment combines the corset cover and petticoat into a single garment to support the Natural Form silhouette of years 1877 through 1882.

Also called an under-dress, or occasionally, combinations, the princess petticoat was introduced in 1877 to eliminate bulk at the waist line. When the outer dress had a train, the underskirt or petticoat did too to keep the expensive fabric of the dress clean.

The under-dress train was often detachable so that it could be washed separately - which is a nice optional feature of this pattern.

Additional options include a round or square neckline and made with either a front or a back opening. Ruffles can be added in the back to create a small bustle effect or for more skirt support. 

Decoration ideas are also included.

Pattern includes 8 pages of instructions with historical tips and 3 pattern sheets. It is printed on bond paper, and enclosed in a white paper envelope. 


All sizes Petite – X-large are included:

Bust: 28" to 52"
Waist: 20" to 44"
Hips: 30" to 54"


Bring out your frilly Victorian self with this versatile undergarment pattern!

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