Laughing Moon #204 Undersleeves Pattern

$ 10.00

Undersleeves (aka false sleeves) for the full sleeve styles of the mid-Victorian Era. 

Appropriate for circa 1840s to 1870.

Complete your lovely day wear ensembles! 

Undersleeves are considered an undergarment (as well as being decorative) and were meant to protect the bodice from body oils and were kept clean with washing. T his pattern contains four different styles of undersleeves, also known as false sleeves. 
  • View A, roughly 1850s to 1860s: a gathered bishop sleeve with wristband and 3 options of ruffles or a cuff. The wrist ruffles have 3 different choices: A square edge ruffle, both long and short option, a curved ruffle, and a curved cuff. 
  • View B, roughly 1850s to 1860s: same gathered bishop sleeve as View A with a square edge cuff (no wristband) or the same cuff with a sleeve ruffle.
  • View C, roughly 1860s and 1870s: a 2-piece coat sleeve option.
  • View D, roughly 1840s: fairly tight arm section that flares at the wrist.

Fabric: Cotton voile or light muslin
Optional Interfacing: Cotton organdy
Optional Trim: Embroidered cotton trim or lace 

Notions (all optional):
  • 2 to 3 yards of narrow twill tape or ribbon for ties
  • For wristband or cuff closure: small buttons or hooks and eyes
Yardage Amounts: (see photo for specifics on each view) 
    • For all fabric widths: 1 to 1 5/8 yds

    Pattern comes printed on white bond paper with multi-color size lines in a 9" x 5" plastic pouch. To save on shipping costs, we will ship pattern first class if it's the only item in the order and refund the overage.

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