Laughing Moon #202 Stockings Pattern

$ 10.00

Stocking Accessories for Men, Women and Children from c.17th Century to Modern

Complete your footwear for any era! 

This complete pattern gives you 3 different cuts of stockings or hosiery (thigh, knee and ankle) in three sizes Large (men's), Medium (women's) and Small (child's) giving you freedom to create unique accessories! 

Alteration instructions are included to adjust the fit.
All Views have a seam up the center of the back of the leg.
  • View A has a foot piece that covers the whole of the bottom of the foot for those who do not care for a seam under their heel.
  • View B has a seamed heel and a separate piece for under the instep and toe.
  • View C has a gore that starts under the heel and extends halfway up the calf. The heel and gore are seamed under the heel. There is a separate piece for under the front of the foot and toe.
These thigh length stockings have elastic at the top, but it may not be sufficient to keep them up. Purchased garters or a garter (suspender) belt may be necessary. A serger is not necessary to make this pattern.

Fabric: This pattern is designed to be used with 4-way, stretch knit fabric. 4-way stretches both vertically and horizontally. If 2-way stretch fabric is used alterations may have to made to the pattern and the fit may not be acceptable. 2- way stretch fabric stretches only in one direction.
  • Fiber: For modern use - Nylon, Polyester, Rayon, Cotton, Silk, Wool. For historical wear - Cotton, Silk, or Wool.
  • Weave: any plain or decorative weave as long as it is 4-way stretch. A certain percentage of Spandex (also known as Lycra or elastane) fiber is very much recommended. This elastic fiber is not period correct until its wide use in the 1960s, but without it the stockings may bag and stretch out.
  • Color or print: Striped, plain, cut-outs, two-tone and embroidered, any color. The embroidery pictured is not included in the pattern.
  • Yardage Amounts: Small 3/4 yd; Medium: 7/8 yd; Large 1 1/8 yd

Stabilizer (optional): fabric stabilizer such as spray starch or Terial Magic
Notions: 1/2 inch wide elastic in a length sufficient to encircle the wearer's thighs

Pattern comes printed on white bond paper with multi-color size lines in a 9" x 5" plastic pouch.

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