Laughing Moon #138 Ladies' Back Closing Regency Gown Pattern

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Ladies' Back Closing Regency Gown c.1815-1825

The popular dress style of the late Regency era! 

This complete pattern gives you 3 neck options and 5 sleeve options giving you freedom to create fabulous Regency gowns for every occasion!

  • View A uses the cut-out short sleeve with either a ribbon made from fabric or a purchased ribbon woven through the cutouts.
  • View B has gathered puffs protruding from the cut-outs resembling slash and puff (or pouf) Renaissance style sleeves.
  • Views A and B use a short sleeve with optional cutouts.
  • View C uses a double layer petal edge short sleeve with both layers having a faced edge.
  • View D uses the short sleeve without cut-outs paired with the long sleeve which can be layered either over or under the short sleeve. The long sleeve can be gathered in at the wrist alone or at several places on the arm.
The gown has a separate belt which can be omitted or replaced with a purchased ribbon sash.

The skirt has front, side back, and back pieces with the length being the same all the way around. The back of the skirt attaches to the bodice with 6 pleats on each side with the center 2 pleats forming a box pleat. 
The skirt can be left plain or elaborately trimmed. There are also instructions for finishing the bottom of the hem with wide cording if desired. There are yardages and instructions for the two types of skirt trim shown on View C and D, both petal (zig zag) and scalloped trim.  Scallop skirt trim should be made with fabric that does not fray easily and does not have a right and wrong side.

The bodice in all views is formed with a front, side, and back pieces. The back of the bodice can close with an overlap, or as in some period examples, can close so that the center backs just meet. Optional piping can be added to seams, belt, and bands, and instructions for creating piping are included. The neckline is finished with bias binding which may or may not be piped as desired.

Note: The sleeves for this pattern are interchangeable with the sleeves of Laughing Moon 137 and vice versa. 

Fabric: Cotton, Linen, Wool, or Silk. Drape-y fabric is not recommended. Plain, figured, striped, checked, velvet or velveteen. Thick fabric will complicate the double sleeves.

Lining: Cotton muslin or linen; the skirt is unlined.
Interfacing: Hair canvas or medium linen.
Notions: Plain cotton kitchen twine for custom piping, or purchased piping. Cording for the bottom of the skirt: 4 Yards of 3/8" wide Cotton Filler Cord. Ribbon trim for View B Sleeves: 4 yards of 1" wide ribbon or 1/2 yard fabric.
Closures: Buttons, hooks & eyes, or ribbon or tape bows as desired.

Sizes included: Bust - 28.5" to 56" 

Pattern comes printed on white bond paper with multi-color size lines in a 11.25" x 8.5" plastic pouch.

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