Corded Petticoat Sewing Workbook

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Sept 6, 2021 Note: This workbook is being discontinued on this site. It is now available on Etsy. Although you can still purchase here, we recommend you purchase it here on Etsy. Thank you. 


Detailed instruction workbook for making a corded petticoat for 1820s to 1850s fashions.
Historical costuming starts with the foundation!


Anyone who's done research on historical clothing has surely come across the garments that support the silhouette underneath clothing of the Romantic Era (1820s & 1830s) and Early Victorian (1837-1850s) periods. A corded petticoat is perfect for supporting costumes for Dickens' Fairs, Gold Rush & Alamo events.

Corsets & chemises aside, you've probably uncovered the elusive undergarment - a petticoat full of cording to help support the skirts. No doubt, you have your own thoughts about how this garment is made. But yes, it is basically cotton cording sewn into cotton or linen fabric. But knowing a few tricks will make the process go smoothly producing a beautiful undergarment.

Now that you're ready to make one of these foundational undergarments - no more guessing as to how they're done! In this pattern workbook you'll find the 2 methods to sewing a corded petticoat clearly presented with full color construction photos, written instructions and measurement examples. It's written all out so you only have to follow along!


What you get in this detailed handbook:

  • Modern fabrics you can use for best results (pg. 4)
  • The variety of cording options available (pg. 5)
  • How far up you should sew the cording (pg. 9)
  • The number of rows that will give you the support you need
  • The good & bad about the two sewing methods (chapter 3)
  • Helpful tips & tricks as you go along (chapter 4)
  • How to avoid the vertical seam break in your finished petticoat (pg. 14)
  • Balancing the cording rows to the hem
  • To starch or not to starch your corded petticoat (with instructions on how if you want to) (chapter 7)
  • A comparison of measurements from several surviving original corded petticoats specifically so you can adapt the information to your own project - No better way to make something like they did than copy their work exactly!

and much more!

Don't delay starting your petticoat! As easy as this garment is, it will eat up your sewing time. This project is best done over a few weeks so you don't go crazy with straight stitching. :-) All the instructions here assume you are machine sewing. But if you want to make your petticoat close to authentic, you'll want to hand sew everything.

This pattern workbook is the culmination of all my research & sewing of corded petticoats so you don't have to! The trial & error for an easy to sew & supportive undergarment has been done already. 


27 pages. Available in digital PDF download (link from SkyPilot).

Hardcopy version has been discontinued.

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