Truly Victorian TV106 1865 Chemise and Drawers Pattern

$ 15.00

1865 Chemise and Drawers Pattern

This is the perfect "everyday" set of undergarments for your Bustle Era and 1890s ensembles! The style of chemise can be found as early as 1865, and lasts through the Victorian Period. 

Chemise neckline is finished with a moderately low, round yoke, with a pointed front/round back. It has a button at each shoulder which will allow the shoulder straps to be dropped for wearing under low or off-shoulder bodices.

The drawers have a fitted waistband with a center front button closure. The crotch seam is left open and is finished with bias tape facings. The legs are finished with a plain hem, at mid-calf length, as is common for 1860s drawers.

Sizes Included:
Bust: 30" to 56" 
Waist: 22" to 48"
Hip: 30" to 56"

Yardage Information (largest size):
Chemise: 3 3/4 yards
Drawers: 2 7/8 yards


Recommended fabrics: Muslin, broadcloth, flannel, linen, silk, or other natural fiber materials.


Drawers: two buttons, 1 1/2 yards drawstring

Chemise: 1 1/2 yards insertion lace, 2 yards ribbon

This pattern can be used in the Victorian Undergarments Online Class. Find out more about the class here.

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