Late Edwardian Corset Online Class

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Fall 2017: Our online classes have moved to a new platform that will make learning new sewing techniques, finishing projects, and communication with me as instructor SO much easier. Whoot!!

All previous and current students will have the opportunity to enroll on the new site without having to pay again for class access.

New site is available now and all classes are open for enrollment. Info has been sent to previous students from this registration site and to those on our newsletter list. If you are a previous student but did not receive an email with the new login info, please contact us.

A private Facebook group is available for all students. 


Time to try a new fashion era! 

Ahh... Dreaming of sailing on the Titanic... Having tea at the Ritz in 1914... Stepping out in a transitional suit during World War I...

These lovely early 20th century ensembles need a firm foundation. Corsets were still demode in supporting the bust line and smoothing out the hips to produce the fashionable silhouette. This class will be a fun adventure into starting your Titanic and 19-Teens wardrobe!

Through 4 detailed lessons I'll cover each step as we complete a well-fitted, long-line late Edwardian corset. Together we'll create a strong silhouette foundation! Lessons include from 3 to 6 video tutorials along with an accompanying PDF handout with homework assignments to keep you on track with your sewing project.

Open now for enrollment!

French ad from 1910


Dawn Burke - "Great [Victorian Corset] class, Jennifer! You broke everything down into very manageable steps. Even though the thought of making a corset was a bit intimidating, nothing was very difficult. Thanks!"


This is an Intermediate to Advanced level sewing class. You should understand basic sewing techniques & be comfortable with your machine. But don't worry! I'll teach you how to set in the busk and grommets if they are new to you. Advanced techniques such as fitting and patterning methods will be covered which are the advanced parts of this project.


Focus of the class: Understanding how to make a long-line corset, including building fitting skills, so you end up with a quality undergarment you can be proud of. Use your finished pattern to make more corsets in other colors. 

Improve your corset making knowledge and improve your sewing skills! Together we'll explore the various parts of corset construction including proper fabric selections, setting in a busk, how to apply boning in this unique corset format, binding raw edges and setting in grommets.


June Rider - "Thanks again, Jennifer, for offering a great class! I finally have my 19-teens corset."


Exciting Lesson Plans Prepared for Students:

Lesson 1: Discuss fabrics & special tools, take measurements, and sew the mockup

Lesson 2: Fit the mockup, make pattern alterations, cut the corset, and order supplies 

Lesson 3: Main corset construction including seams, bone channels and setting in busk 

Lesson 4: Finishing with setting in grommets, binding and lacing the corset


As soon as Heather at Truly Victorian released this pattern in summer of 2015 I knew I wanted to teach a class making it. Most 19-Teens and Titanic Era corset patterns you find currently are in books or need to be graded up to fit most sizes.

With this new Truly Victorian TVE13 Late Edwardian Corset pattern (sold separately) Heather has done the sizing work for us! This pattern will support most silhouettes from 1909 to 1916.

As with all our classes, however, you may choose to use another pattern but know that the specific steps of each lesson will cover the Truly Victorian pattern.


Valuable Skills & Corset Making Techniques You'll Learn:

  • Most reliable foundation and fashion fabrics for corsets and the fitting mockup
  • Fitting tips for adjusting the corset to your figure but maintaining the shaping
  • Pattern adjustments based on your fitting tweaks
  • Measuring for the busk and boning lengths that fit your specific size
  • Setting in a front opening metal busk
  • Best method for applying secure grommets
  • Sewing tips for binding the raw edges
  • Tips for how to wear this unique long-line foundation


Jeanette M. – “Thank you, Jennifer, for the fantastic videos, handouts, and support to get me through my first [Victorian] corset. I've never been concerned about tackling any costume project thinking that at worst it would go in the trash. But the corset was a big bad monster that I couldn't face.... Thank you!!!”


Online Workshop Group

One of the most exciting features of any sewing class is interaction with others - that's why we've created these workshops!

Because they take place online and include students from all over the world, we have chosen to utilize a private Facebook group. This unique setting benefits everyone in the class by connecting us together in a conversational way.

The online group gives you the benefit of sharing with others, being able to post photos of where you're stuck, getting personal help from the instructor, and the natural encouragement & camaraderie that occur in sewing classes. We hope you’ll join us!


Intermediate to Advanced Level Class

If you have sewing experience but are new to corset making, you will feel comfortable here. We'll be following the pattern closely so you should be able to keep up with the class just fine.

If you are new to sewing in general, this may not be the best class for you at this time. Perhaps an basic chemise and drawers class would be better so you don't become frustrated with techniques that are beyond your current skills. But if you have no fear - jump in!

If you are advanced in your sewing skills or have made corsets before, you are welcome! Maybe you simply need the class as accountability and a guideline so you'll finally get a new corset finished. Advanced techniques beyond general fitting and pattern drafting are not covered so those advanced corsetieres may feel the class is too basic.


"Thanks Jennifer for providing the support and class. It's been helpful. Your videos are terrific. Great class and the face book group is like being in a real classroom but much more convenient times :-)" ~Wendy R.


Approximate Costs for Class Corset Supplies (not inclusive list)

Pattern - $14 

Mockup Fabric, bull denim or duck recommended, 1 to 1.5 yard, up to $10 if you have to purchase

Coutil (60"), 1 yard to 1 ½ yards - $20 to $35/yard

Fashion fabric (optional), 1 yard – Price varies according to what you want to cover your corset with

Busk – $10 to $26 depending on length you need

Boning – sizes and quantities vary, need 24 pieces, price runs $.50 to $.95 per piece (options for boning are given in Lesson 1)

Bone Casing, 6.5 yards of 3/4" wide - $2 to $4/yard

Grommets, 2 to 3 dozen - $1 to $3/dozen, can buy in gross

Grommet Setting Kit, size 00 - $22 to $30 for basic recommended kit

Lacing, cotton woven, 8 yard with finished tips – Pre-cut can run $.50/yard up to $6/cut length

Extra wide double fold bias tape for binding, if not making your own - $2-5 package

Remember to allow for tax and shipping in your project budget.


All class lessons and PDF handouts will be available to students on an unlimited-access basis.


Online Class & Workshop: 

Includes all 4 sewing lessons followed with no-expiration & unlimited access, contact with instructor, connection with other Edwardian costumers, and a fun corset sewing project!


ATTENTION: We have a new class platform for our students - yay! If you enroll for this class on this page, please note the following steps to access the class:  

Upon successful registration students will receive:

1) download link at checkout (and also an email with the link) to download the first PDF of class. Instructions are given in this PDF with the link to our new class platform and how to login and enroll there. Students will have information on how to bypass the enrollment fee on the new site.

2) an email invitation to join the Facebook workshop group (sent from FB within 24 hours). PLEASE let us know the email you use for Facebook if it is different from the one you use to enroll in this course. You can jump right in with questions in the group. The fun begins right away! 

Thank you for the opportunity to sew with you!!

Jennifer Rosbrugh, instructor


P.S. The class lessons are entirely online and self-paced with no specific day or time required to be online. You work at your own speed and schedule - the platform will bookmark your place! Read the lessons and watch the videos when it's most convenient for you. Then pop into the Facebook group when you have a question or need help. 

P.P.S. If you have access to this class from a previous workshop group or our annual sale, please email us on how to join our current Facebook group.

No refunds. 

Attention EU students: our classes & workshops fall under the new 1/1/2015 digital VAT regulations. All online classes and workshops will have your EU country's VAT tax rate added at checkout. Class prices shown do not include VAT.

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