Start 2015 with a corset! January 11 2015 1 Comment

Foundation undergarments are so important to an accurate historical silhouette. Start this new year getting new ones made so you can spend the rest of your time making pretty dresses.

For Regency:

Try the Laughing Moon #115 pattern that gives you extensive directions for a corded corset suitable for 1800 to 1840 costumes. (Yes, this corset shape was around for that long!) The well-drafted bust and hip gussets give you plenty of room to fit your figure. Use cotton sateen for the corset top fabric and a sturdy medium-weight cotton broadcloth for the lining. This is THE corset pattern for the Regency Era. 


For Victorian:

The Truly Victorian TV110 is such a fabulous pattern we created an online class to dive into all its beauty. Designed after 1880s styles, I won't hesitate to say that it will work for nearly all your Victorian dress-up events (1840s to 1900). The straight seams are flattering to larger figures and curvy enough to enhance a slender torso. Bust cup sizes are included. 


For Edwardian:

For a versatile corset pattern I recommend the Truly Victorian TVE01 pattern. Although dated 1903 for the pigeon dress styles with bust and hip pads, leave them off for an early 19-Teens silhouette. Easy to put together, but be sure to walk through the sizing table in detail before cutting your size. This is a beautiful pattern for under your elegant Edwardian lifestyle.