Now a U.S. Retailer of Nehelenia Patterns!! October 30 2014

Nehelenia patterns

NEWS: Here at the Shop we are SOOO excited to carry a selection of the Nehelenia Pattern line! 


Christina and Stefanie are based in western Germany and a large retailer for costuming supplies in Europe. Besides carrying a wide variety of other well-known pattern lines, they have their own line ranging from medieval to the 1930s in styles. You can follow them on their Facebook page here.


The patterns are printed on white bond paper and either hand or computer graded. Instructions vary in depth depending on if the pattern is drafted from original sources (such as the 1900 Corset) or is a new design and draft of their own like the 1800. However, all designs are recommended for intermediate to advanced dressmakers as the instructions are basic and many finer details left to the individual sewer. 


Currently we are carrying the 1900 Corset, the 1910 Corset (really excited about this one as 19-Teens corset patterns are had to find), the Regency Short Stays which are based off museum pieces, and the Regency Spencer jacket because we love spencers and considers them in the Fancies category of our Frillies & Fancies merchandise! 

If you'd like us to carry more designs from their pattern line please let us know! We'd love to serve our North American customers with faster service being on this side of the Atlantic. :-)