Victorian Bathing and Bathing Suits Book

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Victorian Bathing and Bathing Suits

The Culture of the Two-Piece Bathing Dress from 1837 – 1901

Edited By Deb Salisbury

Focused on the culture of swimming and sea bathing across the decades, this book on women's bathing suits, their styles & variations, are pulled directly from original writers and publications of the time. 

Included are hard-to-find descriptions and engravings of men's and children's suits as well. 

This unique book covers why French bathing dress was not admired in its early days, but then the fashion took off where fashion magazines began to include descriptions and engravings on a regular basis. Bathing went from a quick, unpleasant dip in the ocean to true enjoyment. Swimming became popular!

"But a bathing dress is only intended for convenience, and the least idea of making it elegant would be preposterous." (1854) 

Fun book for your resource library covering bathing suits and bathing culture with over 125 black & white period illustrations. Perfect for historical costumers, Victorian re-enactors, historical writers, and those interested in learning more about bathing fashions and customs in the Victorian era.

Book printed in paperback format with glossy cover. 123 pages. 8.5" x 11"

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